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the Ropeway city

The Ropeway City

Много интересна публикации от снимки за град Чиатура в Грузия, където се окзва, че има прекрасни лифтове...
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(Amos Chapple | Rex Features). The Georgian city of miners Chiatura is surrounded by cliffs and is located 220 km from Tbilisi. Its districts are connected with the central part of th city with ropeways built back in the Soviet times. In the beginning of the twenties of the XXth century when Georgia became a part of the
USSR, the Soviet authorities decided to extract manganese from deposits located on the Georgian territory. This is how Chiatura appeared - a new city rose in 1921 at the place of the manganese deposit. The ropeways were started to be built in the 1950s, they still connect each part of the city.

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