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BG legislation on Design - summary

A concise summary on BG  provisions  concerning Design  in terms of the role of the Employer.

Bulgarian Legislation concerning Design

Under Employer's Requirements- Volume 4:


à as a minimum, The Designer shall determine those items identified in TAL- Regulation 4  for the Scope and Content of Investment Design


à The TAL is applicable only to the first three stages of the design development (Definitive/ Technical/ Final).


à design will be considered complete:

- upon submittal of TAL- Regulation 4 compliant design documents (which have undergone all checks and reviews for each phase) and

-   following issue of Engineer written statement of no objection (where required).


Under TAL- Regulation 4 for the Scope and Content of Investment Design (21 May 2001):


à Design stages -Art. 2 (1):

  1. Definitive Design
  2. Technical Design
  3. Operating Design ( =Final?)


à Designs for complex building sites do through all the three stages. (Art. 2 (4))


à The Investor (Employer?) determines and assigns the design stages for each separate design stage depending on the type and specific features of the building site. (Art.4)


à The Investor can ask the Designer to clarify and substantiate the scope and content of the design, as well as collect information and documents necessary for the design. (Art. 5(2))


à When necessary and by the decision of the Investor preliminary investigation may be assigned. (Art. 6)


à Every design package must be coordinated with the designs of the rest of the design packages. It is obligatory that all the design packages are signed by the Investor (owner), while the packages under Art. 139 (4) TAL are signed in addition by the Technical Controller (Engineer in our case?). 


à The Investor may assign the elaboration of a common coordination plan for coordination of the installation implementation of the building site. (Art. 25)



Under Territorial Arrangement Law:


à Art. 139 (2) – The Employer is to decide which stages or design packages to negotiate in accordance with specific features of the construction site for its successful completion.


à Art 139 (3) – all the design packages (graphs or texts) of the Design  are to be signed by the Designer, the person who conducted the concurrence estimation, the Employer an d the Engineer- constructor…

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