вторник, 9 март 2010 г.

F.I.S. Code of Conduct

Respect others: behave in such a way that you do not endanger or prejudice others

Ski and snowboard in control: take account of conditions, ability and terrain

Choose a safe route: take account of all mountain users around you

Overtaking: leave enough room to allow the person you are overtaking to make an unexpected manoeuvre

Look both ways: when starting a run, entering a run or setting off again after a stop to make sure it is safe

Stopping on the piste: avoid stopping in narrow areas or where visibility is restricted. Move to the side of a piste if you have to stop.

Climbing and descending on foot: keep to the side of the piste at all times

Obey all signs and markers: they are there for your safety - never ski down a closed run

At the scene of an accident: you are duty bound to assist

Witness: should you witness an accident it is your duty to assist the ski patrol with any relevant information

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