вторник, 29 декември 2009 г.


bombards with images and suggestions

repetition, rhythmic speech

imagery and command

talk distractingly and purposive repeating something that has nothing to do so as to forget, distract and then attack

he cures people by org sessions

mental transaction in which person focus their attention to so that they stop being critical and become more open to suggestion

trans like state - absorbed watching and doing something

time distortion, insensitivity to outside

the big thing is suggestion

ailyak is a form of mass illusion

ritual, suggestion repetition, thus people can become more susceptible to change

heightened focus of attention when something is rhythmic and repetitive and when it goes on

let your voice be or by clapping, trance dancers watching

something the same we should achieve with the word - tratata

thus we stop critically evaluating and just go with the flow

do not tell them to do something, tell them that something is good/bad and leave them on their own to do something

lead them to be focus and to believe that the leader is their pipeline to heaven

leader- enough personal will power,determination, clunky

exploit people's natural tendency to obey authority

exercise social pressure to comply whatever the authority says

meliorative suggestion - to suggest memories that are simply untrue

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