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Organic Food Companies

More than one organic food category - USA


Complete information regarding Cedarlane's great tasting all natural foods including award winning low fat frozen dinners and entrees, fat free and specialty breads, and fresh salads. Includes nutritional data, ingredients, descriptions.

Eden Foods

"We are gratified to be supporting 200 family farms with over 20,000 acres of vibrant organic farm land." Product range: flour, wheat, quinoa, spaghetti, ...

Purity Foods

"Dedicated to identifying, developing and marketing Organic and Natural Food Products to the specialty, organic, natural food and bakery markets. Vita-Spelt(tm) Pasta,Grains,Rice,Beans,Dried-Fruit, Baking Products. Online sales available."

Rising Moon

"Dedicated to Bringing You the Finest Stuffed Pastas, Organic Marinaras and Exotic Nut Sauces. Today, five years later, we are still buying our ingredients from small organic farms around Oregon to make what restaurant chef's know to be the best ravioli this side of the Mississippi."

Fantastic Foods

Purchase Fantastic Food's all natural, vegetarian foods including soup, cereal, and meal cups.

Small Planet Foods

Small Planet Foods, based in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, is one of the country's leading producers of organic food products. As the maker of Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen products, we are proud to bring you some of the most popular organic food on the market, from frozen fruits and entrees to fire-roasted canned tomatoes.

Westbrae Naturals
New York

Beans, soups, pastas, vegetables, condiments, Japanese products, rice beverage, soymilk, ...

New York

Buy certified organic food and get cash back.

Purely Organic

Organic Italian food, organic gourmet Italian products, Italy cookbooks, organic gourmet Italian food, and organic Italian products from purely organic.

Organic Beverages

Yogi Tea

"The Yogi Tea Company manufactures delicious beverage teas and medicinal herbal teas known as Ancient Healing Formulas, all based on the Ayurvedic Tradition from India.Most ingred. are: Organic. Grown and proc. in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

Eastern Venture

Eastern Venture Ltd is proud to bring to you the Tulsi Tea collection. An exciting range of herbal teas of the highest quality.


Aspall is the United Kingdom's sole producer of organic cyder vinegar.


VerdeGrass is our distinctive brand name of fresh-frozen Wheat Grass Juice. ...our grass is grown on the finest organically composted, continuously replenished top soil since 1974.´

Organic Dressings

Annie's Naturals

Salad dressings, vinaigrettes, condiments, marinades. A large variety of flavors.

Organic Tomatoes & related products

Muir Glen
USA, California

Muir Glen began with a selection of canned products that includes stewed and chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste, and has since expanded into a line of over 40 products. Donates 10 percent of its profits to organizations.

Organic Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cakes, Yogurt

Green & Black's

"We are a chocolate company dedicated to providing delicious, healthy and organic chocolate products. Our products are certified organic by The Soil Association, while Maya Gold has been awarded the Fairtrade mark. We trade direct with the farmers - over 350 in Belize and 600 in Togo - who are small family growers."

Straus Family Creamery
USA, California

A small, family-owned dairy producing award-winning organic milk and dairy products.

Respect Organics

All Respect Organic foods are suitable for vegetarians and contain no Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients. Cakes and meals.

Organic Seeds, Nuts & Oil

Awesome Almonds

Awesome Almonds™ are all natural roasted flavored almonds developed by a real physician. No artificial coloring, preservatives or added oils. Delicious source of protein, calcium, and vitamin E for vegetarian and lactose free diets, or just healthy guilt-free snacking.

USA, The Netherlands

"Natural Sesame Seed • Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seed • Crude Sesame Oil •Virgin Sesame Oil •Roasted Sesame Oil •Sesame Flour •Tahini. Dipasa is certified to produce organic sesame products by OCIA." Dispasa is now one of the world's leading (organic and non-organic) sesame seed producers and exporters.

Vegan products, Tofu

Plamil Foods

"An independent company specializing in the manufacture of quality vegan food."

Pulmuone Wildwood
USA, California

Produces fresh, premium, organic soy and other natural foods. Wildwood is known for delicious organic tofu and soymilk, cultured soyogurt and smoothies, hummus, braised tofu, baked tofu, smoked tofu, tofu-vegie burgers and more.

Organic Spices

Ginger Dragon

Ginger Dragon is your specialist contact for preserved ginger including organic … we specialize in syruped, crystallized, sushi and brined types.

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